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WORLD TRIP - Vuelta al mundo offroad

AFN 4x4 Portugal, a Mandatory Stop

It all started on 12th February, a group of 10 friends in five "chatas" which is the native term for pickups or off road vehicles, started this journey in Argentina. Seven months have passed and they expect to be on the road for at least 3 to 6 months. Everything was set and prepared in advance to do this world trip, being one of the objectives to visit 24 countries. They reached AFN 4x4 and asked for a safe place to do some maintenance to the vehicles and to get some guidance related in terms of locations to go to. We, at AFN 4x4 provided shelter within our headquarters and tried to provide them with everything for their needs. The vehicles were handled like they were ours and maintenance was provided.

We challenged them to point out three positive and negative aspects they are feeling throughout this journey. The not so good aspects were related to gas price increase, the 24h living together and many had to sell/quit some things, such as vehicles, houses and job quit, in order to have a good amount of money to make this dream come true. Every is aware that due to the war-crisis in Ukraine the gas price skyrocketed in which initial budget was long overpast; Since this group left Argentina that they are living together 24hours, 7 days a week in every good moment, in every bad moment, in every tear, in every laughter in every challenge. The last negative aspect is that they had to sell some assets in order to have an amount of money for this world trip. Also, many of them quitted their jobs.

On the other hand, the good aspects are the everyday increase offroad knowledge, the family-like spirit among them and the once in a lifetime experience with a lot of "recuerdos" from every country. The everyday tasks can be easy to do, but we all know that when it comes to the offroad environment, this is a different story. So, the offroad knowledge is continuously increasing when solving everyday challenges. Like mentioned above, sometimes it's hard to get through, specially in nostalgic moments when missing home feelings kicks in, and with a family-like spirit everything is softened and easier to surpass. The last and maybe the most important good aspect is the opportunity to discover and meet several countries, several cultures and get the most of it. The living memories taken in every photo with every struggle that gets overtaken, every smile in certain moments, this is what stories and memories ("recuerdos") are all about.

A once in a lifetime experience and journey, AFN 4x4 wishes you the best, stay safe and make good memories.

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